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What is Veshti and what it is made of

What is Veshti and What it is Made of?

What is Veshti?

Veshti is another name of dhoti in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the best traditional attire of our country. It is a simple piece of cloth to wrap the lower body and looped between the legs. It is often designed with layers of horizontal stripes across its length. Veshti comes in numerous styles for both men and women.

History of Veshti

The exact genesis of this antique conventional outfit isn’t known but have been dated as far back as the 5th century BC.

Veshti is a phrase that initiated from the Sanskrit word Dhauta. Several politicians all across the country make this attire more prominent as traditional wear.

In the beginning, this garment was worn with Kurta and angvastra, giving the feeling of respect and dignity.

What is Veshti made of?

Veshti is primarily made of cotton, polyester and silk fabric and is in white and cream colours. It is styled with a golden or silver border all across the length in the southern region of our country.

To wrap this garment, wearer uses 5 knots but this differs in state to state.

What is the other name of Veshti?

Veshti is named differently in different states of India. Like it is called Veshti in Tamil Nadu, Dhotar in Maharashtra, Mundu in Kerala, Laacha in Punjabi.

A few other names of Veshti are Mardani, Dhoti, Chaadra and Dhuti. Despite all the diverse names, this piece of garment is well admired by all the countrymen.

Who wears Veshti mostly?

In our country India, the brahmins wore the Veshti as a Panchakachham, which has five tucking’s and is draped in a style of kacham.

Mostly it is worn around the waist with flares in the front. It is tucked toward the right side of the belly by most of the people, in particular the Hindus.

Typically, it is worn during a festival, social gatherings or marriage rituals. Above all in most Indian weddings, it is an integral part of men’s wear especially the bridegroom and his family men.

Moreover, almost every politician wear Veshti as their formal wear. It is also worn by elder peoples and Arch agar wear Kavi dhoti at the temple.

What is the matching wear for Veshti?

Veshti is a loose fabric that can be draped in several ways to dress an Indian man. One of the very popular styles of wearing a Veshti is to pair it up with a well fitted white shirt, color silk shirt or a kurta or men’s top with a matching jacket or vasket.

Politicians wear different types of jackets on Veshti with kurta depending on their political party. To illustrate, some like to wear a Nehru jacket or a Modi jacket.

If we talk about footwear that goes with Veshti then you can wear leather chappals, kolhapuri chappals, or traditional Indian shoes, such as juttis or mojaris depending upon your occasion and event.

Additionally, it is a timeless and comfortable choice that is suitable and fitting.


All in all, Veshti is a classic assemble for men in India. As it symbolises purity and goodness. This piece of clothing is graceful, modish, and bears the emblem of Indian traditions and cultures.

That is why, for Indian weddings, the groom wears and adorns with a Pattu Veshti aka silk Veshti that is also called the venpattu. Its versatility makes it an essential and popular part of a man’s wardrobe for weddings for both traditional and formal occasions.

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