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types of dhotis available in India

16 Different Types of Dhotis available in Indian Market

Indian market is flooded with ethnic wear. And one of the most popular garments all across the nation is Dhotis. Dhotis are generally 2 to 4-meter long cotton fabrics that are wrapped as bottom wear. There are many types of dhotis and they are worn in different ways in different regions of the nation. It is quite a surprising fact that women also wear dhotis/lungis in Kerala.

Types of Dhoti by Material Used

1. Cotton Dhoti

Traditionally dhotis are made with pure cotton. The cotton dhotis are soft but little transparent, hence people prefer wearing them as a double dhoti. 

Cotton dhotis are well suited for any kind of small gatherings or auspicious functions. A cotton dhoti looks absolutely stunning when paired with a crisp cotton white shirt.

2. Polyester Dhoti:

Nowadays, there are huge options of dhotis available in the market. One of them is polyester dhotis. These dhotis have shiny looks which makes them look elegant. 

Polyester dhotis are good to wear for weddings or parties. These come with different borders and in distinct colors.

3. Cotton and Polyester Mixed Dhoti:

In most of the movies, you would spot the south Indian actor wearing a cotton mixed polyester dhotis. These dhotis are super attractive and have a charming outlook. 

They look good in every skin tone. They are comfortable to wear as cotton is a breathable material. Polyester and cotton mixed dhotis are widely available in both online and offline stores.

4. Silk Dhoti:

Silk dhotis is one of the most popular dhotis in India. What makes it more classy is the fabric. The silk dhotis are pleasant to wear and give a very smooth feel. 

These are widely liked by all age groups people. One can wear it to parties, weddings or make it casual wear. One of the most attractive elements of silk dhotis is the classy golden and silver borders.

5. Satin Dhoti:

If you love wearing dhotis most often, then a satin dhoti is a must-have in your wardrobe. Satin dhotis are kind of similar to silk dhotis as they have a similar feel and shine in them. 

But satin dhotis are pocket friendly. These can be worn into both personal and professional events. When you pair it with good solid formal wear, it changes the dynamics of your look.

6. Lycra Dhoti:

Lycra is again one of the most demanding fabrics. Dhotis made out of lycra are liked by many people now. The demand for lycra dhotis is flooding the market because of its lightweight and flowy nature. 

These dhotis can be worn into functions or even on dates. One can use the clothing of these dhotis to make other garments too.

Types of Wearing Dhoti by different Cultures

1. Tamil Veshti Dhoti:

Vesthi is one most popular traditional wear in Tamilnadu. It represents the rich culture of the land and can be found in different colors. Mostly in off-white, grey white, and in white with golden borders. These are worn by all ages of people.

2. Kannada Kache Panche Dhoti:

This attire belongs to the state of Karnataka. It is stapled loungewear that is common all over the lands of Karnataka. It is comfortable and perfect for the climate. This attire is also called the ‘Dhotra Kachche Panche, which depicts a set of dhoti and a towel that is usually paired up together.

3. Telugu Pancha Dhoti:

Another south classic is the telugu’s most favorite “Pancha Dhoti”. This type of dhoti is extremely lightweight and thin. Mostly made up of cotton, and cotton mixed polyester fabric. You can get this popular dhoti set from both online and offline stores.

4. Punjabi Chadra:

Dhotis are not only famous in the South, but also in all other parts of the country. Yes, one of the classic examples is the Punjabi Chadra dhotis. Usually worn in functions like weddings or parties, these dhotis are made up of silk or satin fabric. They are extremely lustrous and smooth in feel.

5. Maharashtrian Dhotar:

Worn by the royals. Maharashtrian Dhotar is one of the most demanding traditional wear worn by the men of Maharashtra. It is as old and rich as the Maratha pesewas. These dhotis have an exclusive royal look to them due to their unique color and fabric. These can be found in precise as well as heavy work designs in the body of the dhotar.

6. Rajasthani Dulangi Dhoti:

Rajasthan is known for its traditional jewellery and attires. One of them is Dulangi dhotis. These dhotis are worn mostly by elders. But with the high demand for boho fashion, many fashionistas use the dulangi dhotis as a fusion wear. And these fusion wear goes well with both man and woman.

7. The Bengali Kochano or Pleated Dhoti:

Bengal is well known for Rashagolas and their man with dhotis. The Kochano dhotis are traditionally worn by the man of Bengal with a little twist. These dhotis come with circular plats that is tucked towards the left side. The dhotis paired with kurta gives an extremely fresh look to the men. These dhotis come in any kind of fabric mostly in silk, cotton, and tusser.

8. Readymade Velcro Dhoti:

Dhotis is one of the oldest yet most demanding traditional wear in India. Dhotis are not only popular in India but also in many other parts of the world. But what comes tricky to carry it. Hence dhotis have been westernized and ready-made so they can be worn by people easily. The readymade dhotis are easy to carry on.

Types of Dhoti based on Manufacturing

1. Powerloom Dhoti:

Power loom dhotis are made from machine which often produced in current textile industry. These dhotis are available in a wide range in accordance with their designs and borders. One can easily avail of these dhotis almost everywhere.

2. Handloom Dhoti:

Handloom dhotis are made people instead of machine which represent the heritage of our country. The boycott movement in India gave a boost to the Indian weaver market and since then it’s on the top peak. Handloom dhotis are kind of on the pricier side as it contains detailed works and exclusive design in the fabric. These are extremely skin-friendly. And looks great in all age groups.


Dhotis are one of the most popular ethnic wear among Indians. It is comfortable, light-weighted, and worn by all most all age groups. Different states have distinct ways to wear dhotis. And each one of them is unique. From politicians to the average common man Dhotis are adored by all. Not only it is common in men, but now it is even styled by women in a boho fashion.

FAQ's about Dhoti

The answer can vary from person to person. But the most preferred fabrics are Cotton and Silk for dhotis.

The Different names of Dhoti in Different states of India

Veshti – Tamil Nadu

Mundu – Kerala

Dhotar – Maharashtra

Laacha – Punjabi

Mardaani -Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

One can pair different top wears but the most preferred top wears are White shirts, Silk color shirts, kurtas, formal shirts, etc.

Nowadays almost all age groups wear a dhoti. But dhoti is mostly worn by Politicians, elder people, and bridegrooms.

Dhotis are worn on special occasions like marriage, cultural functions or even in pujas.

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