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10 Top and Best Dhoti Brands in India

What are the top and best dhoti brands in India?

Dhotis are one of the oldest outfits that we have seen since our childhood. Now as time has changed drastically so has the dhoti style. There are several new cool branded dhotis that are the best alternative to regular jeans and boxers. For your convenience to buy dhoti for your event here i have listed few best dhoti brands in India and these branded dhotis can be paired with any kind of top wear

Top 12 Dhoti Brands in India

India is a diverse county and this diversity also shows in a different brand of dhotis too. Here are 12 popular dhoti brands for your reference:

1. Rhythm Dhotis - Premium

Rhythm is the new and trending e-commerce store which sells premium quality cotton dhotis at a low price compared to any other dhoti brand in India.

It produces combed cotton dhotis with different color borders that are perfect for all events. One can probably pair it with a color silk shirts and cotton white shirts.

You can also pair it with leather loafers or Kolhapur chappals to get a graceful look. For a funky look, you can also add sunglasses. 

The shiny look and an exclusive traditional border on dhotis give a royal look to men. Rhythm is a brand that provides the best and most affordable dhotis all through the country.

Rhythm Brand Dhotis

2. AMC Dhotis- For Devotional Colour Dhotis

Dhotis of AMC brand is in style all over south India. Their speciality is the fancy and coloured dhotis for men. 

Apart from this, the fabric used to make dhotis are soft, frivolous and 100% pure cotton which makes you feel so relaxed. It is one of the top-selling devotional dhoti brands with affirmative reviews in online stores. 

Their coloured dhotis go well with all coloured t-shirts, shirts, and even with Kurtas. To give a cool look in summers you can pair it with a half sleeve T-shirt or vests. 

Men can pair it with a full sleeve silk shirt for giving a stylish look in winter.

AMC Dhotis Brand

4. Ramraj- Popular in Tamil Nadu

Ramraj is a cotton fabric that was established in 1983 and now has become a renowned and reliable Dhoti brand in India.

Dhoti attire is much popular in Tamil Nadu, thus this Ramraj brand is eminent there for its premium quality dhotis, lungis and vests as well.

Dhotis of this trade name are made with pure cotton and are completely perfect for any kind of event. Ramraj dhotis could be worn to various parties or at an enchanting evening get together. 

The dhoti can be matched up with a white colour shirt or with any kind of solid bold colour. It setups and supports the rich and diverse culture of the country.

Ramraj Brand

2. Alaya- For a stylish look

Established in 2002, Alaya cotton fabric has set its marquee all over the country for its dhotis of the finest quality and other fabrics of cotton material. 

This brand name dhoti is perfect to set the traditional feel. It lifts the standard look of the wearer and also enhances the dignity of an individual. 

These dhotis are ideal for weddings, the thread ceremony for casual hangouts. Alaya cotton keeps hold of its status for its comfortable fabric yet fashionable look. 

The trademark supplies a generous experience to its customers for its skin-friendly fabrics. Moreover, their fabric does not shrink or get crumpled even after multiple washes.

Alaya Brand

5. MCR- Eco-friendly

It is a leading Dhoti is the best company in whole Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is known for its hand-picked quality traditional wear. 

The company began its voyage in 1995 and since then there is no looking back. These Mundus are ISO certified from the management of environment friendly. 

The dhotis are soft and comfy, that does not crinkle easily. Thus, every time you wear it looks like a new dhoti. The fabric used is the best cotton so is comfortable to wear in any season and occasion. 

These Mundus could be matched up with T-shirts, formal shirts, and simple vests to get rid of scorching heat in summers.

MCR Brand

6. Uathayam - Affordable Dhotis

It is a group of companies started from the year 2003 and since then there has been a quick growth of this company for its top-quality snug and textured fabrics. 

Their products are popular all over the country. Uathyam dhotis are best acknowledged for their reasonably priced dhotis with stylish borders. For this reason, these can be paired up with any kind of upper. 

Their material of manufacturing best dhotis are skin and eco-friendly as well. Moreover, this fabric can be worn both in winters as well as in summers because of its flawy nature.

Uathyam Brand

7. Prakasam - Unique Dhoti brand

Prakasam cotton men’s dhoti is the best dhoti brand in India. For this reason, it is the must-have apparel in every dhoti lover’s closet. Its free size is suitable to all people perfectly to irrespective of sizes. 

Having a pocket in the dhoti is the exclusive feature of this brand. This variety is much-loved by all south Indian men because of its opportune character. 

In addition to this, their material is also everyone’s favourite that is cotton which makes it flawy. These dhotis can be worn to casual get-togethers and parties. 

You can probably pair it with a denim full sleeves or half sleeves shirt to bump up your appearance.

Prakasam brand

8. Thangam Dhotis - Golden Border Dhoti

Thangam is a trademark filed by S.muthu who is the proprietor and owner of the brand. He applied trademark for cotton dhotis on 29-12-2012. 

Since then the company is providing cotton dhotis to dhoti lovers. Their fantastic textile includes lungies, sarees and dhotis as well. 

This brand of white dhotis is intended with the golden border along with the length of dhoti that gives marvellous look to the attire. 

Due to this, you can match this dhoti with any bold coloured shirt or Kurta accordingly. If we talk about footwear then this is suitable with jutti, loafers and shoes of your choice.

Thangam Brand

9. Sarathi-Solo brand

Sarathi textiles are one of the dhoti brands that were established in the year 1960 at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It is an individual proprietorship and is the manufacturer and trader of a wide assortment of ladies’ cotton saree, men’s cotton Dhoti and a cotton towel. 

All of these products are well-known for their best excellence and bright finishing. The best thing is that you will get these awesome dhotis at a reasonable price that will never be hard to your pocket. 

You will get your products in the stimulate period according to your preference. The quality of all products is maintained by the erudite proficient of the company. 

Almost every citizen of India loves these brand dhotis because of their versatility nature.

Sarathi brand

10. ADT Saral- Veshtis with elegant borders

In the south Indian market, ADT Saral is one of the best Veshti producers. You can get dhoti or veshti of this brand easily even in the local market. 

Due to this reason, this brand veshti is adored by a lot of people not only in the south but also in other states. The brand has managed to earn a name and fame in the whole nation within the specified time. 

Their dhotis are designed with elegant borders all through the length that goes well with casual t-shirts or formal shirts. ADT Saral’s white colour dhoti can be worn at functions and other auspicious occasions.

ADT Saral Brand

11.Uri and MacKenzie Dhotis

Uri and Mackenize bring into being the best kind of ethnic garment that is suitable for any type of particular occasion. 

They produce pant style dhotis are also the best sellers in e-commerce website Amazon because of its executive designs and specific detailing. 

These are the perfect substitute for regular coat pants. Furthermore, these dhotis can be paired with Kurtis and mojari’s and are specially crafted for functions like sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies. 

The brand turns out a diversity of ethnic wears such as Mundus and kurtas with the best quality fabric of cotton and silk.

Uri and MacKenzie Brand

12. Shiwam Men's Dhoti

Shivam Ethnix Men’s cotton company is a brand chain that delivers the optimum class cotton Mundus as well as vests.

This company produces skin-friendly fabrics that fit flawlessly with a natural flow into them. 

The dhoti of this kind can be worn for various functions like marriages and other ceremonies. Premium quality fabric is used for manufacturing dhotis of this environmentally responsive brand. 

Thus, does not dispose of any kind of hazardous disposal to the environment. Moreover, the material is not sticky to the body and keeps any kind of allergy away. 

After buying dhotis of the Shiwam brand, you will feel comfortable.

Shiwam Ethnix Brand

What is the best dhoti brands in Tamil Nadu?

Answer: Rhythm

Rhythm is the best and trending dhoti brand in Tamil Nadu that is established in 2010. Rhythm Dhotis is a pioneer in the manufacturing of traditional Dhoti. 

Their products are contrived using the fine creativity of their experienced weavers. 

The designs of dhotis are unique and majestic that is not produced by any other brand. They also enjoy the support and loyalty of their customer’s values.

What is the best dhoti brands in Kerala?

Answer: ikasavu

The admired brand in Kerala is ikasavu. Now with time, it has become the best clothing brand all through the world. 

They follow the top most quality standards control and inspect each product before dispatching their product. 

They are also a provider of classic dhotis with golden borders for both men and women in the state.

How to wear dhoti like South Indian Style?

Dhoti is comfortable cloth and it is very simple to wear in a south Indian style

  • To wear it properly first wrap it around the waist and then divide dhoti into two equal parts.
  • Then hold the right side of the edge by your teeth and move your right hand to the fold and adjust it.
  • After releasing the end you will get a triangular shape, put it over and bring the right edge to the left.
  • Finally insert both ends inwards. You are ready to move for your function. It gives the appearance of something like very loose trousers or a long skirt.

Watch below video for detailed steps,

How to wear dhoti like North Indian style?

Dhoti is not only worn by south Indians but also its more famous among North Indian people. In the north region, it is called lungi and is worn by both men and women.

  • To wear it at first wrap dhoti and divide it into equal parts. Make a tight knot between the stomach. 
  • Take the left part from between your legs and then make plates of the left part of the dhoti.
  • Tuck the plates inside the waist. Next, make plates of the right part of dhoti and tuck this inside too. 
  • After tucking properly both the ends inside, you are ready to go with your event.

Watch below video for detailed steps,


All in all, it is to be said that there are varied dhoti brands are there in India. You need to choose the best dhoti brands in India for making your shopping favourable.

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