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Top tamil actors worn Veshti in Movies

10 Top Tamil Actors Worn Veshti in Movies and Made the Role Perfect

“Veshti” aka Dhoti is one of the most popular south Indian attire which gives ethnicity and dashing looks to the role played by the actors effortlessly. All the top south Indian heroes, from Rajini – Kamal to the latest Karthi, know just how to use them for the proper role and make them a perfect fit. 

Let us discuss a few of the top actors who wore veshti in movies and made the role a perfect hit.

Top 10 Tamil Actors who worn Veshti in the Movie and made the Role Perfect

1. Surya in the movie Vel

‘Vel’ is director Hari`s yet another perfect city-village combo, in which actor Surya plays a dual role – one as a cool city brought up, and another astern and angry village brought up young man. 

The village Surya wears veshti throughout the movie, and the attire gives a perfect look for the character’s rage and makes sure to capture the character in the hearts of all the fans.

Surya in Veshti in the movie Vel

2. Vijay in Movie Mersal

Vijay is known for his style statement in movies. The movie depicts Vijay as three characters. Vetrimaran, a wrestler at the village manor in Madurai, wears a stylish veshti throughout the movie. 

The character is a hit because of the get-up, and veshti has played a significant role as Vetrimaran is continuously seen in veshti. 

The veshti has helped establish the role’s strength, manliness, smartness, and masculinity. Whether you are a fan of Vijay or otherwise, Vetrimaran is a character to be remembered.

Vijay in Veshti in the Movie Mersal

3. Ajith in Movie Attahasam

Ajith plays a dual role in Attahasam, where he comes around as a gangster – ‘Guru’ who escapes from a family who adopts him and later settles in Tuticorin. 

The character is also famously known as ‘Thala’ throughout the movie. Ajith is a stylish actor, and veshti makes him look more daring and dashing. 

He also dances for a song “Depavali Thala Depavali” in veshti which became the biggest hit song of the movie. 

The white veshti complemented the kumkum on his forehead and inspired many young men to follow the style, especially Ajith fans. This character is the first image when you hear “Thala.”

Ajith in Veshti in the movie Attahasam

4. Kamal in Movie Devar Magan

Devar Magan is a masterpiece of its own. It is a complete hard, core village story directed by Mr. Bharathan. Kamal Hasan plays the role of Sakthivel thevar, a well-learned and modern young man who visits his village after completing his studies in the city. 

Though with a modern outlook, he turns into a complete village person after the demise of his father, Periya Thevar – the role played by the legendary Shivaji Ganesan. 

The white dhoti work by Kamal shows the pride of the family, the wise thoughts and brave actions of Sakthivel devar. The character was the talk of town mainly for the get-up and look of Kamal Hasan in the movie. Kamal Hasan in dhoti has done justice to the character. 

At any time, if you close your eyes and think about devar magan, the first image that flashes would be the scene where kamal walks in white and white dhoti style.

Kamal in Veshti in the Movie Devar Magan

5. Sathyaraj in Movie Amaidhi Padai

Sathyaraj is known for his dialect, slang, and height. We have seen him as a lover-boy, villain, and superhero. 

In Amaidhi Padai, he walks over as a corrupt and influential politician who does anything to upkeep his powers. 

Sathyaraj gets the perfect look of a politician with the white and white dhoti and different makeup. His height just complimented the veshti well, and he just looked like any other politician in the town.

 Veshti is the perfect attire for politicians, and Sathyaraj nailed the role.

Sathyaraj in Veshit in the Movie Amaidhi Padai

6. Rajini in Movie Yejjaman

Rajini is one of the most loved heroes in many young minds of Tamilnadu. Yejjaman is a movie in which Rajini is portrayed as the Yejaman, also known as the Head of the village – Vanavarayan. 

As the Head of the Village, he always wears a Veshti and Shirt and a white towel on his shoulders. Rajini looks astonishing in any costume, but in Veshti, he looks like a chief head. 

Our minds automatically accept him as the head of the town, and the respect for Rajini and his character grew a leap. That is the kind of effect the costume does for the role.

Rajini in Veshti in the Movie Yejjaman

7. Vijaykanth in Movie Chinna Gounder

But Chinna Gounder is one of its kind where Vijay Kanth comes as the village landlord. The character represents many emotions, happiness, love, trust, silence, anger, bravery, and patience. Veshti is the only costume that helps him reflect all of his emotions. We have seen Vijay Kanth in pants and a shirt. But, he looks more dashing in veshti, and the song “Kannupada Pogudhaiya Chinna Gounder” perfectly fits him.

Vijaykanth in Veshti in the Movie Chinna Gounder

8. Sarath Kumar in Movie Nattamai

Nattamai is a well-known super hit movie in Tamil cinema. Sarath Kumar plays the dual role of Elder and younger brother in the movie. Both the roles have been played well, and Sarath has justified his roles. 

After a point, we believe that two Sarath Kumar exists. The elder brother is the Nattamai, also known as the head of the panchayat. 

His veshti and kumkum with nicely combed hair fit in the role very well. It is one of the roles which all the fans will remember in Tamil cinema.

Sarath kumar in Veshti in the Movie Nattamai

9. Rajkiran in Movie Sandakozhi

Sanda Kozhi is one of the recent movies in Tamil cinema, and the movie is top-rated for stunts and music. Though Vishal is the movie’s hero, the movie gets its accreditation with Rajkiran`s role. He acted as the father of Vishal, and his Veshti sattai made every one of us give him the respect that is due to him and his acting.

Raj Kiran in Veshti in the Movie Sandai Kozhi

10. Karthi in Movie Paruthiveeran

Paruthiveran is a masterpiece of Amir and Karthi. Karthi plays Paruthiveeran, a tough guy who often visits the jail. Being the first movie, Karthi gives his best. Can you imagine the movie without the veshti he wears? The veshti is the heart that allows the character to breathe.

Karthi in Veshti in the Movie Paruthiveeran


More than an attire, veshti is looked at as a culture of Tamil Nadu. All the crucial professionals, including politicians and the head of the village characters, are always wearing veshti. Where there is Veshti, respect comes along.

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