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Importance of Dhoti in Our Culture

Importance of Dhoti in our Culture

India is a diverse country with different cultures, religions and customs. There is prominent importance of dhoti in our culture for various reasons. Some people like to wear dhoti because of its comfort. 

Few others wear dhoti for religious reasons. Now with the change in time, you can have multiple designs and colours of dhotis in stores. This trend has enhanced the importance of this attire much more in the hearts of people

Why dhoti is important in Indian culture?

Dhoti is important in Indian culture because of its social status since ancient times. Moreover, the dhoti has always been a symbol of class among the high and mighty of the early times of our country.  

People of India like to wear dhoti on their holy occasions as they think it is a pure, comfortable and eminent attire. Earlier, dhoti was casual wear for men, but now with time, it has become attire for special occasions and festivities. The fashion of Dhoti was started in our state Tamil Nadu and called Veshti

There are numerous reasons for the importance of Veshti in Tamil culture as well as in other parts of India.

• Comfortable attire

It is the most comfortable outfit for men and women in the summers. For instance, when the men are involved in tedious work, this garment can be folded in half up to the knees for a convenient move. 

Secondly, its cotton material is also soothing to the body for doing household chores. The most admirable and lightweight fabric is used to make dhotis. That is why it is an essential summer clothing, as it provides ventilation during hot days.

• Symbol of royalty

It is an attire that has been worn by ancient rulers and kings. So, the importance of dhoti in Indian culture is continuing from early times. Dhoti with a silver or golden border is believed to commanded respect and dignity. 

There are pieces of evidence of having a connection with history as freedom fighters are seen wearing dhoti. Because of this now modern Indian political leaders choose to wear men’s dhoti and it has become a trend in the whole political arena of India.

• Elaborated designs and colours

This style of wear is not only comfortable but also gives a stylish yet formal look to the wearer. This is the reason why it has become an article of must-have clothing for politicians and priests. 

Their sophisticated designs are to depict the societal position in society. You can buy accordingly a single or a double dhoti in various designs and styles. You can also find dhotis manufactured with other materials than cotton-like linen and silk.


To conclude, the importance of dhoti in our culture is divided into certain bases. Dhoti was the first choice for the comfort of the earliest men and the tradition continues even today. Although, this fashion was started in Tamil Nadu now has become famous all over the

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