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trending matches to wear with Dhoti

Top 5 trending matches to wear with Dhoti

Dhoti is an evergreen ethnic essential that every Indian loves to wear. It can be worn on a casual summer day or to a prestigious event. There are a lot of ways to style a dhoti. 

One can pair it with shirts, blazers, kurtas, etc, to give it an edgy look. In this article, we would guide you to pair up dhotis with matching up wears.

Top 5 Trending Matches to Wear with Dhoti

1. Dhoti with White Cotton Shirt

White is a trendy colour that looks amazing on every person. It adds a class to the personality. So when a dhoti is paired up with a white cotton shirt, it suddenly looks amazing. 

There are different varieties of dhoti that can be paired up with a white cotton shirt. One that will look the most stylish is silk dhoti with a thin golden lining border.

2. Dhoti with Silk Color Shirt

Silk has been always a royal fabric. It is smooth on the skin and feels luxurious to wear. A silk shirt with rolled-up sleeves looks absolutely stunning when paired up with a traditional dhoti or a contrasting coloured border dhoti. 

It can be worn to parties or weddings. There are different ways to wear a dhoti. The best way to wear a silk shirt with a dhoti is to wear it in south Indian style.

3. Dhoti with Short Kurta

Kurta is traditional wear that can be worn by both men and women. But when a kurta that is normally shorter in length is paired up with a dhoti, it definitely looks more pleasing. 

A guy can pair up short ethnic kurtas with dhotis having rich color. This apparel can be worn at weddings or to receptions. Silk and cotton mixed with polyester dhotis are best to be paired up against a Kurta.

4. Dhoti with Casual Blazer

One can wear a dhoti for personal as well as professional events. One of the ways to wear it in a professional way is to pair up with a blazer. Keeping the tradition upright in the workplace can show how good your values are! You can wear the dhoti with a black or light coloured blazer.

 It looks absolutely classy when you keep the colors light and simple. A dhoti with a blazer is a great apparel choice for special dates.

5. Dhoti with a T-shirt

While strolling around or lounging, we all need something comfortable. What can be more comfortable than a dhoti and a T-shirt. Well, you can pair up a dhoti and a T-shirt for the hot summer days. 

Not only it is smooth and light on the skin but is comfortable to carry on for the whole day. You can pair up a contrasting-coloured t-shirt with the color of the dhoti.


Dhotis can be worn in wholly different ways. Dhotis not only represent our culture but also have a lot of memories associated with it. We have seen our elders wearing it and now it is being appreciated globally. There are a lot of ways men can pair up dhotis. It can be worn into parties as well as to meetings.

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