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Major Reasons to wear Cotton Dhotis

10 Major reasons why you should wear Cotton Dhotis instead of other

Cotton is a natural fabric that is used for making dhotis. That is why it is a preferred choice for generations for manufacturing dhotis. The people around has found the contentment of wearing cotton dhotis since 5000 BC.

Even in the modern time with a range of several synthetic fiber to choose from, cotton is still the accepted yarn worldwide. There are several reasons why you should prefer cotton dhotis:

Few other types of dhoti materials

Though cotton is regular material for dhotis still there are other textiles for manufacturing dhotis. To illustrate, a few materials like polyester, cotton plus polyester, satin, silk and Lycra dhotis are also in trend for their diverse reasons. 

Silk and polyester dhoti gives a shiny look that seems to be fashionable while matching up with a silk shirt.

Top 10 reasons why you should wear cotton dhotis instead of other dhotis

1. Soft and Comfortable

This is the most admirable reason to choose cotton instead of any other fabric for dhotis. No other material is as soft and comfortable as cotton. Cotton is weather-resistant and provides breathability between clothes and the skin as well. That is why people prefer to wear cotton dhotis over polyester and silk dhotis.

2. No Chemical

Since cotton is a natural fibre, that means there is no chemical used to make this material. This is the reason cotton dhotis are less toxic as compared to any other synthetic fibre. As synthetic fibres are treated with chemicals to make them attractive skin absorbs those chemicals that are harmful to the body.

3. Safe to Skin

Non-Allergic- Cotton made clothes and dhotis are hypo-allergenic. This feature makes the cotton fabric allergy free and safe for skin to wear. It does not or hardly ever causes any skin sensitive issues or reactions to the body. Most dermatologists recommend wearing this kind of fabric to protect against skin sensitivity.

4. Suitable for All climates

Cotton is the only textile that can be worn in all seasons. Because the clothes made of cotton material can resist varying types of temperature. That means one can wear cotton clothing and dhotis in both summer heat and cold evenings. This fact comes for cotton only because it can trap the air in between the fibres of the fabric.

5. Good Absorbent

One of the most imperative paybacks of cotton fabric is that it is breathable. It means that your skin will respire comfortably when you wear cotton dhoti. Moreover, it can keep you cool during hot weather as well. It is also the perfect material to make workout wear because of its absorbing nature.

6. Durable than Polyester mixed Dhotis

Cotton made dhotis are more sturdy than any other material like silk and polyester. This superb feature of this fabric will make your dress durable for a much longer time. You can wear your comfortable and favourite dhotis for a long and no need to buy the same colour dhoti again every summer.

7. Affordable than Silk Dhoti

The cost of a dhoti plays a significant role in making a selection. Cotton made dhotis are reasonably priced for all people than silk dhotis. Every man can make it the first choice without bothering about the cost and pocket. This is the main reason why cotton is the ideal choice of fabric for dhotis and other outfits as well.

8. Less Maintenance than Silk Dhoti

Cotton is a naturally occurring material that requires little care and safeguarding than silk. Fibres like silk and polyester need delicate handling. Whereas cotton fabric dhotis are always available for those who are rough with their clothes. A simple wash is all that is required to remove the stains from cotton.

9. Versatile and Manly

You can choose cotton fabric dhoti to wear for almost any of your occasions. Its versatile nature makes it everyone’s choice. Whether you want attire for work or sports. You can easily find cotton fabric used in every piece of clothing. It will give you a manly look at any event or place.

10. Odor Free

The silk is an oil-based fabric that does not absorb sweat. As a result, the dress will retain the odour. On the other hand, the cotton fabric doesn’t keep odour and it is a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. This aspect is the favourite for all men to wear cotton dhotis in the summer season to feel comfortable.


All in all, to purchase cotton dhoti is the best decision for men than to buy any other fabric. Furthermore, the cotton fabric doesn’t require dry cleaning and you can simply hang the clothes out to dry after using. 

This is a wonderful aspect to save energy, cost, water and time by choosing cotton dhotis than of any other material. 

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