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Buy Cotton Dhoti Online for Men

Looking to for best online store to buy Dhoti? Rhythm Dhotis is the one that you are looking for. We offers wide variety cotton dhotis at affordable rates. You can easily buy dhotis online with our ecommerce store. From the comfort of your couch, Rhythm gives you the best shopping experience.

Why Rhythm Dhotis

Why BUY Dhoti from Rhythm Dhotis ONLINE?

Dhotis is simple but most demanded clothing, and no function is complete without Dhotis. Rhythm Dhotis offers you the premium quality Dhotis at affordable prices, and we offer dhotis at prices lower than other brands. We manufacture all our dhotis from our mill with 100% pure combed cotton fabric. There are no intermediaries between you and us, and all products are shipped free of cost. We offer Cash On Delivery, and you can pay us once you get the product.

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Different types of Dhotis we have

Rhythm Dhotis offers the different variety of Dhotis that you can buy online. We offer two types of Dhotis – Single and Double. Each of them comes in different styles and designs.

Single Dhotis - 4 Mulam Veshti

Double Dhotis - 8 Mulam Veshti

Our Dhoti Designs

big color border double dhotis 2 mobile size

Big Border

Double Dhoti

Color Jari Double Dhotis mobile siez

Color Jari

Double Dhoti

Kambi karai single dhotis mobile size

Small Border

Single & Double

big color border double dhotis mobile size

Big Border

Double Dhoti

Gold Zari Dhotis mobile size

Gold Zari

Single & Double

Silver Jari Dhotis Mobile sieze

Silver Jari

Single Dhoti

FAQ's About Dhotis

1. Why Shop From Rhythm Dhotis?

Premium Quality

Quality is an essential criterion for any clothing. When it comes to Dhoti, Rhythm Dhotis offers you the premium quality dhotis. At Rhythm, we prefer quality as the measure of customer satisfaction.

Low Cost Compare to Other

If you compare the cost of Rhythm Dhotis with any other Branded Dhotis, you will find that we offer the best and lower cost compared to all of them. You cannot find the premium quality dhotis at a much lower price in any of them. But, we give you to ensure that our product reaches equally everyone in the society.

100% Pure Combed Cotton

At Rhythm, we use 100 percent pure combed cotton. Combed cotton is one of the premium quality and most expensive ones compared with the conventional ones, and the cotton fibers are specially treated before they are spun into yarn. They are significantly softer versions of cotton.

Direct Manufacturer

We are a direct manufacturer of all our Dhotis. There are no intermediaries between You and Rhythm, and we get in direct touch with our customers to enhance a better shopping experience. We will directly deal with any queries or inquiries, and you have a personalized shopping experience.

Cash on Delivery

If you shop with us for the first time, you might be worried about timely delivery and payment. We offer Cash On Delivery which not every premium quality manufacturers do, and you can pay us for the product.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping all over the country. No matter in which part of the country you are in, you can shop with us in the comfort of your house. Just a click, and you will get them delivered at the right time at Free of Shipping Cost.

2. How Our Dhotis Are Manufactured?

Manufactured by ourselves in our mill located at Erode

We offer free shipping all over the country. No matter in which part of the country you are in, you can shop with us in the comfort of your house. Just a click, and you will get them delivered at the right time at Free of Shipping Cost.

Manufactured in Rapier Loom Machine

Rhythm blends technology and tradition at ease. We use the latest rapier loom machines to cater to the needs of everyone, including the young minds of the country.

Manufactured with Pure Combed Cotton Fabric

Pure Combed Cotton Fabric is very soft than the conventional ones, and they are costly to be used in production. We offer the best quality Dhotis and pure combed cotton fabric is the hero that makes the Dhoti a top-class premium product.

3. How Our Dhotis Are Shipped To You?

Safely packed in a polyester shipping bag

We pack our products safely with a polyester shipping back and sealed well. The packing bags are safe for the products as they have to go through many processes in shipping.

Quick Dispatch - In 2 Days

We dispatch your orders within two days of placing them, and you will receive the products within five to ten working days of placing the orders.

Easy Return Policy

We accept returns within five days of delivery of the products. We have an easy return policy, which makes the process more accessible.

4. Things to Consider Before Buying Dhotis


Dhotis come in different fabrics. Cotton is the best fabric to be worn, and it is the most comfortable one that comes in different varieties.


Though Dhotis are while the borders give them the perfect match for the shirts, they come in different border colors. The standard gold jari dhotis are perfect for any color shirt for all occasions.


The cost is also one of the essential factors to consider before buying the dhotis. Some premium qualities come at a higher cost. At Rhythm, we offer the best quality at the most affordable rates than any other branded shop.


There are several non-branded dhotis available in the market, and branded ones are the ones that come with good quality.


Quality is the essential factor to be considered. You cannot compromise on the quality and choose the ones that give the best quality at the best prices.

5. Benefits of Wearing Cotton Dhotis

Cotton is considered one of the most comfortable and soft fabrics without chemicals. It is entirely safe for the skin and is suitable for all climates. It has the excellent absorbent quality and is much more durable than polyester mixed dhotis. It is more affordable than silk dhoti and requires lesser maintenance compared to silk. It is odor-free, versatile, and manly.

6. What To Wear With Dhoti?

Dhoti is the most ethnic clothing for men. While the clothing options for men are limited compared to women, you have the following options to wear along with dhoti.

  • It is the best combination when worn along with the white cotton shirt.
  • Dhoti gives the silk shirt a premium look with better pride.
  • Your kurta can go well with the cotton dhotis if you are a young chap.
  • If you are in your mid-40s and want to look trendy yet traditional, you can wear a casual blazer and a dhoti.
  • For everyday use, you can wear them just with a T-shirt.

Buy Dhoti Online

We have all grown up seeing our elders embrace the beauty of Dhoti and represent our culture. Rhythm encourages ethnicity and culture with premium quality dhotis. At the most affordable rates, at Rhythm, everyone is a King.